30 of the Best Web Designs from the Travel Industry

While the quality of design and the visual appeal of any website can have an impact on its overall success, websites in the travel industry have a strong dependency on appearance. Whether it is a website for a hotel, resort, event, or a local or state tourism initiative, capturing the interest of visitors is important. If you’re looking to create your own travel website, we recommend Shopify.

When you browse through websites in the travel industry you’ll see many that are well designed, and you’ll see a heavy use of large photos to make a strong visual impact. In this post we’ll showcase 30 different travel-related sites for your own design inspiration.

Your Trip

This professional, trendy-looking website is the perfect website template for advertising your trip packages and vacation specials. The large, beautiful photographs draw you in and compel you to book a trip now. This website template is fully responsive, and best of all, it’s completely free!

Responsive Travel Agency

The large background photograph along with the simple layout and simple color scheme really make the travel packages the star of the show. This template is also fully responsive, so your travel packages will look great on any device. Plus, this website template is completely free!

Travel Consultants

This website template features a “get to know me” section for a travel consultant. If your business works hand in hand in planning your customers’ trips, this website template is a perfect fit for you. Also, it’s fully customizable and is responsive so your business’ details will look great on any size browser. Plus, it’s FREE!

Experience Washington

A beautiful design for a site from the state of Washington. The site gives information for those who are interested in visiting Washington.

Jacksonville Landing

A colorful website with a full size background image, Jacksonville Landing makes a great first impression.

MacAllan Ridge

MacAllan Ridge’s site features a nice, big background photo. The content area uses textures and a nature-inspired color scheme.

Trapp Family Lodge

The website for Trapp Family Lodge features a large photo of the lodge, and links to all relevant content.

Monterey, CA

You can get info about top attractions in Monterey, find accommodations, and do it all on a site with a great design.

Lanyon Holiday Cottages

Lanyon Holiday Cottages uses a clean design with a heavy use of photos.

Visit Idaho

The Idaho tourism site makes heavy uses of textures throughout its design.


GoHawaii uses a soft texture and elements from nature within the design.

Visit Maine

Visit Maine uses a full-screen background photo and a nature-inspired feel.

Visit San Antonio

The site of Visit San Antonio uses a clean design.

Tennessee Vacation

Tennessee always has great websites for its travel initiatives. The Tennessee Vacation site uses a full-screen slider for maximum impact.

Fall for Tennessee

Fall for Tennessee is colorful and features a huge background photo.

Summertime in Tennessee

The Summertime in Tennessee uses a video to replicate a drive. You can plan a road trip from the site.

Springtime in Tennessee

Springtime in Tennessee uses a lighter, spring-inspired color scheme and a large photo.

Tennessee Winter

Tennessee Winter’s site makes extensive use of blue.

Go Glamping

Go Glamping uses a clean design and layout with a large slider area.

Alpine Meadows

Textures are an important part of the Alpine Meadows site design. A large home page photo is also featured.

Live Africa

Live Africa gets you excited to visit Africa by featuring a slider with photos of animals in nature. Since safari’s are a major draw for visitors this is an appropriate strategy.

Design Hotels

Design Hotels has one of the cleaner designs showcased here. Its mostly a black and white color scheme with a large photo.

Wythe Hotel

Wythe Hotel uses a clean layout with a light gray and dark blue color scheme.

Exclusive Italian Tours

Exclusive Italian Tours gets you ready to visit Italy by showcasing many of the country’s most famous cities and landmarks in a full-screen slideshow.

Kentisbury Grange

Kentisbury Grange uses a very large slideshow to keep the homepage very visually oriented.

Kassandra Bay Hotel

The full-screen background photo on Kassandra Bay Hotel will have you ready to visit in no time.

Gale South Beach

The Gale South Beach hotel website uses a large slideshow for a strong visual impact.

Travel Oregon

The homepage of Travel Oregon uses a collage of many different photos from around the state.

Markisches Landhaus

Markisches Landhaus uses a simple homepage layout that features a full-screen background slideshow.

Space Needle

The Space Needle website looks great, but to get the full effect you need to visit it and scroll.

Westin Finds

The homepage of Westin Finds is dominated by a full-screen slideshow.

Corte Jago

Corte Jago has a nice, clean design with heavy use of large photos.

The Bedford Hotel

The Bedford Hotel homepage features a full-screen background photo and a great color scheme.