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Academic data set for the hotel industry from Smith Travel Research. Includes performance, company statistics, forecasts, hotel census and property and room counts. Contact a librarian for information on accessing this data.

Terms of Use: Data made available through the STR SHARE Center may only be used in the class room, for a student project, or research, by the faculty, staff and currently-enrolled students of your school. The data may not be made available to or shown to any person outside, such as any local hotel property, any hotel company, any local convention and visitors bureau (or similar agency), any benchmarking firm (whether or not such firm competes directly or indirectly with STR) or any consulting firm. The data cannot be used for any profit-generating enterprise, either directly or indirectly, such as, but not limited to, any benchmarking services (whether or not such services are in direct or indirect competition with STR) or any sort of trade of services.