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The March 15 terrorist was wrongly granted a firearms licence due to a string of police failures, sources say.

Split inside health review

2:39 PM  Heather Simpson’s team agreed on almost everything – except the plan for a Māori Health Authority.

Unemployment and racial privilege

The Government’s response to Covid-19 entrenches a racial divide in the welfare state.

The next big crisis

Tens of thousands of us will soon be jobless. Who’s next? And how will we manage?

Ex-AB sues over leaky home

Former first-five claims he wasn’t told house he bought from associates leaked – and he’s spent $250,000 fixing it.

Luis D. Ortiz is back in NYC with his daughter Leela and her mom Nikita

3:06 PM  He’s back! Maybe. It looks like Luis D. Ortiz, 1-year-old daughter Leela, and co-parent Nikita have settled back in NYC after a move to Puerto Rico with his family.

Hannah Berner just named her new kitten after two Real Housewives cast members

2:35 PM  Summer House cast member Hannah Berner just welcomed a new, adorable pet to the family. In a June 12 Instagram post, she introduced a sweet kitten to the world, and of course, she has already given it a hilarious name. “Meet Ragamuffin Ravioli Berner (named after Denise Richards because they look identical and Leah from her recent actions),” Hannah explained in the caption.

Melissa Gorga’s Jersey shore home has a miniature lighthouse

Mike Shouhed shares a major update on his future plans with girlfriend Paulina

Garcelle Beauvais encourages people to ‘speak up’ on injustice

2:55 PM  Garcelle Beauvais is not new to using her platform to spread awareness on important humanitarian causes, and she’s now being vocal about her support for the Black Lives Matter movement.

Charging e-unicycle sparks fire

The e-unicycle was still sparking after the blaze on the 11th floor of a central Auckland apartment building was put out.