Top 10 Travel Business ideas & Opportunities to Start in 2020

What opportunities exist in the travel industry? What are the best travel business ideas and opportunities to start in 2020 and have fun? Well, I advice you read on.

Beyond the transportation industry, hotel business and travel agencies; there is still much business opportunities in the travel industry. All you need to do is address the needs of the traveler and provide great service. Once you can do this, you are business.

One interesting fact about the opportunities in the travel niche is that they are not capital intensive because the overhead is low. Another fact about the travel business is that it is a people or service oriented business. What I mean in essence is that you get to deal with people every day and every hour; as long as you are in business.

Now the travel business is a very lucrative but demanding business. People travel everyday for different reasons and purposes; so as long as there is a need to get from one location to another, the services of a travel entrepreneur will always be needed.

Secondly, travel is an international affair so whether you are in USA, Canada, Australia, U.K, Nigeria, Ghana, Singapore, etc; you can do this business. So without wasting your time, below is a list of the top 10 travel business ideas and opportunities to start this year.

  • Baby Care Airport Lounge

First in the top ten travel business ideas is baby care airport lounge business. This idea addresses the need for parents and kids to stay reasonably comfortable even at airports, making it very practical. These booths have cribs and comfortable seating around them for parents. Lighting can be dimmed for sleeping babies while individual lights are also made available for parents. They have changing areas, bath areas and kitchen for making and heating food.

  • Motorcycle Ride Business

Second in the top ten travel business ideas is the motorcycle ride business. Taxi service can be quite expensive at airports and travelers have to contend with traffic in the metropolis. A good travel business idea is by providing motorcycle bikes for these on-the go travelers with lesser baggage. You should make sure to have the business registered and the riders are trained so that the business can establish credibility among its market base.

  • Business Networking for Travelers

Another smart idea in the travel industry is networking for business travelers. This business enables you to upload current contacts worldwide and build a network. Whenever members plan a trip, they only have to enter their travel data. This enable them to track contacts in their place of destination and arrange for meet-ups and if need be, business meetings.

  • Dietary Translation Services

Travelers with dietary restrictions and allergies can be catered for with Diet Translation Cards. This establishment provides customers with “credit card size” information of the dietary needs, allergies and other health information of the customer in the language of his or her destination. The customer can present this to the waiter or chef in any culinary establishment so that his or her dietary of allergy needs can be considered.

Another travel business idea you should consider is the establishment of transient hotels with self-service but cheap cube rooms. The idea is to provide travelers with some place to stay where the facilities are complete, albeit located in one small room. It is not a five star hotel room, neither is it a cheap one. The customer can buy everything he or she needs including food at a designated place. And just as expected, there is no room service.

  • Luggage Delivery Services

The next travel business idea is a luggage delivery service. This business revolves around helping travelers to avoid the hassles of baggage carousel waiting and security checks. Some luggage delivery services even provide customers with the luggage. Customers just pack their traveling clothes and gears and toiletries in the luggage. The company takes and stores the luggage, encoding the contents online so that the owner can update its contents for the next trip.

  • Taxi Business

Do you have a car and some time to spare? Then you should consider the share-a-taxi ride business. Though it may sound scary in today’s society, this business can indeed be credible and profitable enough; if you can just dutifully transport travelers or clients to and from the airport. Through a phone and online service, you can start this business.

You can even select the preferred gender and age of the person that will be sharing in the taxi ride. Now what if you don’t have a car? No problem. You can simply link up travelers with cab owners and take your own cut.

  • Online Baby Essentials

Number eight in the top 10 travel business ideas is the establishment of an online baby essential products service where parents can order for their kids necessities and have these products delivered to their destination.

Running a “city guide” outfit is another bright travel business idea that addresses both fitness and site seeing requirements for tourists. The fact that it has become more and more popular nowadays is proof that there is money in it. If you know the ins and outs of your city, then this business is probably for you.

How about starting you own travel agency and make money by organizing tours and helping clients with their travel schedule. You can coordinate with travel agencies and inform them that their transportation is available for tours and the likes. Agencies are always on the lookout for sub-contractors in the destinations of their tour packages. You can fit in here if capital is a challenge for you.

Now what if you have adequate about the subject of travel but you lack the capital to tap into the travel business ideas listed above? Well, you can start your own online travel guide or blog. Armed with the right information, some marketing skills and a laptop; you can position as an authority travel blogger. In fact, the opportunities are endless in the business of travel blogging.

In conclusion, I hope this list of travel business ideas and opportunities has served its purpose. So the only thing stopping you now is you. Start your own travel business today and I will see you at the top.

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