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Travel wholesaler as defined is an agent who offers travel-related products and services inside the travel industry. These travel-related products include tours, activities, accommodations and transportation. Most travelers prefer to book packages with includes almost everything (transportation, accommodation and tours). This is one of the reasons why wholesale travel suppliers play an important role in the travel industry. Wholesalers offer online booking for activities and tours and they should get commission in return. A worthwhile commission will surely motivate the wholesaler to generate prospective clients to the website of the travel suppliers. There are several wholesale travel suppliers but here are the top 8 based on what they can offer the potential travel customers:



  • JacTravel – this travel supplier is known as one of the world’s premier supplier when it comes to travel services and hotel bookings. There are two divisions in JacTravel, the first one is group tours. The group tours have remained unrivalled because of its ability to tailor-fit the needs of the customers. Groups visiting European destinations particularly Ireland and UK can personalize the tours depending on their preferences and needs. Another division of JacTravel is the B2B hotels, it offers online hotel accommodations which were hand-picked from various hotels worldwide.
  • Reliance – this is another wholesale travel supplier brand that focuses on world-class service and excellent customer experience. It specializes on holiday vacations, fun and leisure travel around the world. There is a wide choice of independent and group tours and these tours are guaranteed to provide the best value. Promotional fares on hundreds of destinations worldwide are offered regularly on domestic and international air tickets. With constant innovation and creativity, it has maintained market leadership when it comes to exciting destinations.
  • STA Travel – this is probably one of the largest and most popular student travel organization around the globe. It reputation in the travel industry is unmatched when it comes to innovations and meeting the needs of student travelers. There are retail locations which are conveniently near the campuses worldwide. Apart from that, the STA Travel website operates in 16 countries using the local language. It is both offline and online wholesale travel supplier. Research showed that STA Travel is on top of the list of travelers within the age range of 18-26 years old.
  • GoGo Worldwide Tours – this is an Australian conglomerate which has reported sales amounting to $668.5 million a decade ago. It has 200 shops which are all situated on the East Coast. This is apart from the online website and this wholesale travel supplier has a sure and solid market to boast of, the Liberty Travel is its captive travel agency network.
  • Apple Vacations – this tour operator also owns several resorts in the Caribbean destinations. It sells vacation packages and tours to Mexican and Caribbean destinations. It is one of the major tour operators in the US and has a excellent product line to different ski tours and vacations. Aside from the Caribbean tours, travelers can also avail European tours and activities.
  • Thomas Cook– this wholesale travel supplier is the biggest tour operator in Europe and one of the largest in the world. It operates in five continents and 21 countries worldwide. Among the products offered are holiday packages, flights or hotels only. The portfolio of this wholesale travel supplier is quite impressive and it offers affiliates to the products in which it is co-branding.
  • Funjet Vacations – this travel supplier started its operation in the year 1974 and still very much profitable until now. It has an extensive product line for travelers that will suit any budget; from luxurious travelers to backpackers. Package deals are available for families, wedding and groups and these packages are to more than 360 destinations worldwide.
  • Thompson Holidays – For leisure travelers who are based in South Africa, this is the leading South African wholesaler. The company was established four decades ago and it has continuously provide the finest and carefully selected travel destinations. They offer cruise, escorted tours and sports travel; they have specialists that are helpful to customers.