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Scottish wind farms ‘have no effect on tourism jobs’

Jacqueline Echevarria

There is no relationship between the development of onshore wind farms and tourism employment in Scotland. That’s according to a report by consultancy BiGGAR Economics which analysed the level of wind farm installations and the level of employment in tourism in Scotland between 2009 and 2014. It found the onshore wind sector has grown “significantly”, […]

Bournemouth invites Amber Rudd to see wind farm risks


Energy Secretary Amber Rudd has been invited to Bournemouth to see the potential risks posed by an offshore wind farm if it is built. Bournemouth Tourism Management Board sent the invitation in an effort to prevent the Navitus Bay project going ahead. Bournemouth County Council sent a letter this week urging the government not to go ahead […]

“Enough is enough” on wind farms, says Lincolnshire Council

Priyanka Shrestha

A British local council has taken a stand on the number of wind farms being built in their area – because they say it could damage tourism. Lincolnshire County Council has agreed to restrict where turbines can be built. The news comes a few months after 101 British MPs sent a letter to Prime Minister […]