1. Photo CreditSean M. Haffey/Getty Images

    In a scathing order extending the current “no sail” order on U.S. cruise lines, the agency said it spent 38,000 hours managing the outbreaks on ships.

    By Frances Robles

  2. Photo CreditEric Lipton

    Traveling during a pandemic requires lots of research, precision planning and a willingness to play by new and very stringent rules. For these writers, it still felt good to get away.

    By Eric Lipton, Christopher Solomon, Sheila Marikar and Tariro Mzezewa

  3. Photo CreditShonagh Rae

    On a road trip to Detroit, reflections on the car as a symbol of aspiration and adventure. But if you’re Black in America, that lovely machine isn’t always a refuge.

    By Ron Stodghill

  4. Photo CreditGolightly

    They are small, ambitious and target savvy travelers. But their main goal is to improve the home-sharing experience for hosts and renters alike.

    By Elaine Glusac

  1. The World Through a Lens

    Photo CreditCaleb Kenna

    These aerial images, stunning in their abstraction, evoke a powerful sense of transcendence and tranquillity.

    By Caleb Kenna

  2. Photo CreditTed Shaffrey/Associated Press

    A third of states have strict measures in place for visitors, from mandatory testing to quarantine requirements.

    By Karen Schwartz

  3. Photo CreditMoris Moreno for The New York Times

    In late June, a photographer flew from Seattle to Boston. This is a step-by-step visual account of the flight.

    By Moris Moreno

  4. Photo CreditAndrew Caballero-Reynolds/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

    Airlines vowed to bring social distancing to the air. In practice, some are and some aren’t.

    By Elaine Glusac

  5. Photo CreditAndreas Meichsner for The New York Times

    Desperate to revive tourism, countries around the globe are offering incentives to visit — but Americans, barred from most of these destinations, won’t be able to take advantage of them.

    By Julie Weed


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  1. Photo CreditNick Oxford/Reuters

    Perhaps no industry has been as hard hit by the pandemic as tourism. As restrictions on companies and travelers ease, what will the new world look like?

    By Elaine Glusac, Tariro Mzezewa and Sarah Firshein

  2. Photo CreditJulia Gunther for The New York Times

    Hostels are built on the idea of community and sharing, can they survive in a time of social distancing? As European hostels reopen, they are confronting new challenges.

    By Alexandra E. Petri

  3. Photo CreditFrancisco Seco/Associated Press

    The pandemic crushed the tourism industry in Venice and other overtouristed cities. But many see this as an opportunity to rethink a “tourism monoculture.”

    By Anna Momigliano

  4. Photo CreditChang W. Lee/The New York Times

    Data shows that there were far more cases of Covid-19 on cruise ships than have been reported, but the companies and the C.D.C. have yet to establish how the boats can come back.

    By Frances Robles

  5. Photo Credit

    Hitting the open road can be fraught for some black Americans, who share their anxieties of racist targeting. For others, getting behind the wheel is freedom.

    By Tariro Mzezewa and Tacey Rychter

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  1. Photo CreditReyna Noriega

    Here we are, wondering aloud about the oversight capabilities of hotel franchises, and what powers they can exert over their thousands of individual owners. Thanks Covid-19.

    By Sarah Firshein

  2. Photo CreditKarlotta Freier

    Unclear policies, confusing customer-service protocols and not-yet-fulfilled refunds continue to be an issue. Our columnist sees what she can do.

    By Sarah Firshein

  3. Photo CreditHokyoung Kim

    Then our columnist intervened with the Boston-based tour operator Overseas Adventure Travel.

    By Sarah Firshein

  4. Photo CreditAlex Green

    There’s a reason we are deliberately pounding the topic of travel refunds into the ground: It’s a big deal and there’s lots of confusion and contradictory information out there.

    By Sarah Firshein

  5. Photo CreditChelsea Beck

    In this week’s column, Sarah Firshein investigates the ever-changing refund policies offered by travel companies.

    By Sarah Firshein


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